Increase efficiency through agile enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning is a concept that encompasses a large portion of the processes related to the supply chain of a company. The aim is to automate and integrate the information needed by different processes into a single system.

Roima’s solution for enterprise resource planning is designed for environments that call for flexibility and speed. Our goal is to break down silos and barriers – between human and machines, between the current and the future, and between you and the information you need.

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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a continuous process, whereby the operational plans of the entire organization are optimized based on sales forecasts. Well-implemented Roima solutions enable efficient management of the entire supply chain.
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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The aim of supply chain management is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire manufacturing chain, from components and raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers.
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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Manufacturing operations management is a good way to enhance production efficiency and boost productivity. With Roima’s solution, you can release orders to the shop floor quickly and add transparency to the process.
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Quality Functions

Quality control and traceability are the key to ensuring the uniformity of products, materials, and manufacturing processes. The ultimate aim is to ensure customer satisfaction (flawlessness) and cost efficiency. Through quality control and traceability, you can fulfill customer and regulatory requirements, monitor production, identify quality deviations without delay, and enable quality analysis for the purpose of product development.
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Maintenance and After-Sales

The development of service business and maintenance activities create the foundation for comprehensive customer management across the equipment lifecycle. We offer you the solutions for the versatile control, invoicing and monitoring of your service and maintenance business, as well as for managing your mobile field engineers. The functionalities work seamlessly with different service and maintenance practices, both in case of on-site service performed by third parties, maintenance work carried out by your own staff, and the delivery of equipment to manufacturer for maintenance.
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Project Management

Successful project management requires the right tools. Whether you need a solution for light project control or for the planning and monitoring of challenging environments with multiple companies or multiple projects, we can help you. Roima’s project management solution provides the possibility for visual project planning and lifecycle management, real-time reporting of events, intuitive and easy project monitoring, and efficient invoicing.
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The key to continuous improvement is reliable and up-to-date information. All business information and plans should be saved in real time to a single place, namely an enterprise resource planning system. As the amount of data grows, it is crucial to identify the data that is essential for making quick analyses and timely decisions. Roima’s solution provides versatile functionalities for user-friendly reporting, analytics, and visual representations, transforming the huge masses of data into useful information that will bring added value to the user. This way, you can improve business predictability, transparency and reaction time.

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