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To make and keep your business profitable, you need the support of efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations. In the rapidly evolving business environment, measuring your warehouse flexibility, internal quality and efficiency is increasingly important. Roima 3PL Warehouse empowers you to efficiently manage all your customer processes in a single system.

Roima 3PL Warehouse provides full visibility to all customers in your warehouse or logistics center and enables you to optimize the handling process for each customer. Further, you can efficiently control your warehouse automation technologies, enabling you to unlock the true potential of your warehouse.

Built-In Optimization

Flexible tools for warehouse optimization to build and strengthen competitive advantage

Visual Warehouse Layout

Comprehensive tools for driving efficiency and reducing errors

Fast Implementation with SaaS

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Native Multi-Customer Process Support

With Roima 3PL Warehouse, you have a fully configurable, SaaS-based system at your service. It provides native multi-customer process support, empowering you to manage all your customer processes in a single system.

Enables Various Picking Technologies

Efficient control and optimization of the picking process is one of the core functionalities of Roima’s WMS solution. Pick tasks can be performed against a customer need, production need, or assembly need as necessary. Roima 3PL Warehouse allows picking with handheld terminal devices, voice picking, as well as more traditional picking based on paper printouts.

Extensive Optimization Capabilities

For inventory-driven businesses, storage and warehouse support functions are the core of the entire warehouse process. An intelligent WMS system ensures that warehousing is performed in an optimal way to support your business. With modern warehouse automation solutions integrated with the WMS system, you can achieve high overall warehouse efficiency. Roima 3PL Warehouse offers flexible and efficient tools to build a competitive advantage in inventory and a flexible integration platform to integrate various automation solutions for overall efficiency.

Online Balance and Stocktaking

Roima 3PL Warehouse provides real-time stock levels and guides your warehouse workers through pick tasks according to step-by-step real-time instructions. The instructions can also include visual aid, such as product images, and the selection of correct picking locations is ensured through verification codes. Thanks to the system’s guidance, workers have more time to focus on the picking itself, making work easier, faster and less error-prone, also for new and temporary employees.

Real-Time Picking

Picking is often the part of the process that ties up most of the workforce in a warehouse. Thus, in order to succeed, it is crucial to be able to efficiently control your picking process and optimize it in real time. This is one of the core functionalities of Roima’s WMS solution. The system enables the execution of pick tasks against customer needs, production needs, or assembly needs as required, and creates optimized pick lists and picking orders based on set rules, thus improving picking efficiency while also monitoring the process in real time.

Built-In Control Automation (Miniload, AGV)

The management of automated warehousing solutions and related integrations is especially important when pursuing efficiency by investing in automation. With Roima’s WMS solution, you can achieve 100% traceability, efficient inventory optimization, and overall process control, including a variety of automation solutions.

More Efficient Shop Floor Operations

In addition to warehouse environments, Roima 3PL Warehouse provides excellent opportunities to improve efficiency on the warehouse shop floor. It is a solution for end-to-end optimization of your entire intralogistics process. Overall optimization covers resources (personnel and equipment), information flows, the timeliness of material flows, and prioritization of tasks to respond to changes in workload and capacity.

Multitenant SaaS-Based Solution

Roima 3PL Warehouse is a fully configurable, SaaS-based multitenant system that empowers you to manage all your customer processes in a single system. Through the solution, you gain full visibility to all the customers in your warehouse or logistics center. The handling can be optimized for each customer, and by setting up correct parameters, you can easily configure various customer-driven processes.

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Roima 3PL Warehouse is an extremely scalable warehouse and intralogistics management system. Learn more about the key elements of Roima 3PL Warehouse and our customers’ experiences of capitalizing on its versatile capabilities.

Roima 3PL Warehouse in Action at Transval

Transval Industrial Services manages the spare parts warehouse of its customer on its own logistics center premises with Roima 3PL Warehouse.
An important element was the readiness of the Roima representatives to discuss our business processes and needs on different levels of our organization. After all, these processes are the sole reason for acquiring a new IT system.
Jussi-Pekka Hoskari
Business Director
Transval Industrial Services

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