Does your brand lack consistent message across the various sales and marketing channels?

Do you feel that the commercial production information is scattered across different systems and outdated to begin with?

Retailers and consumers expect consistency of product information across different touch points. Roima CodeMaster is a cloud-based SaaS service for the efficient management and sharing of consistent high-quality commercial product information. It provides a comprehensive toolset for consolidating and enriching product data with commercial information.

With Roima CodeMaster, you can manage product variants and languages for various needs and provide a single source for all product information across your entire product portfolio. In addition, you build a bridge to extended enterprise business operations with suppliers, engineering, sales, marketing and dealers.

Create Commercial Product Information for All Channels at Once

Capture, utilize and enrich data from various sources with commercial data for global distribution.

Efficiently Consolidate and Enrich Fragmented Product Data

Automate manual procedures and provide a single source for product information consistently to improve customer satisfaction.

Build a Bridge to Extended Enterprise Business Operations

Enjoy a cost-effective, integrated, and global solution for sales and distribution channels.

Single Source for Commercial Product Information

Efficient commercial product information management calls for a streamlined governance model and effective tools. Roima CodeMaster is a tool to implement the governance model for the efficient management and automated sharing of all commercial product information to brand management processes. Up-to date product information empowers you to boost your product sales by promoting product add-ons using dynamic on-line advertising based on digital product variant information.

Capture, Validate, Enrich and Harmonize Your Product Data for Several Needs

In retail and wholesale business, you need to be able to manage a vast amount of product information received from multiple suppliers in various formats. With Roima CodeMaster, you can easily go through your supplier’s product catalogues and select the products that you want to add to product your own offering. You can enrich and harmonize that product data into a format and content that fulfills your commercial and brand building needs. Assisted by Microsoft Excel, Roima CodeMaster provides a complete toolset to efficiently support you in this process.

Global Data Synchronization and Controlled Publishing

Product information management enables the effective sharing of up-to-date and harmonized product information with your business partners. With Roima CodeMaster, you become the master of your offering, facilitating, for instance, the creation of channel-specific product information for online stores and online product catalogues. Though versatile integration capabilities, you are equipped to add new business partners quickly and efficiently. This ensures global and consistent brand management and customer satisfaction and helps to mitigate the risk of complications caused by out-of-date product information.

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Roima CodeMaster is a versatile solution for efficient commercial information management and automated sharing. It enables the efficient management of portfolios, product variants and languages for a single source of high-quality commercial product information, building a bridge to extended enterprise business operations for suppliers, engineering, sales, marketing and dealers.

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Roima CodeMaster in Action at Kirami

Kirami’s master of all product information is Roima CodeMaster, serving the needs of websites, online stores, brochures, product catalogues, etc.
Kirami Oy
Roima’s solution has saved us time, effort and money. Any product can be traced, thanks to product-specific identification. The biggest benefit of the system is that information is centralized and managed in a single place. Information is always correct and current.
Eero Rantanen
Kirami Oy

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