Product Information Cloud

Add-on for Aton PLM

Extended enterprise cloud SaaS platform

Streamline collaboration networks with Product Information Cloud

Product Information Cloud is an Aton add-on that simplifies data management for you and your partners. The versatile cloud-based SaaS platform enables transparent information flow, benefiting customers and partners. Get everyone on the same page to elevate your PLM operations.

Key features of Product Information Cloud

Managing and storing product data accurately and using it to develop innovative and complex products can be challenging. Product Information Cloud provides a central repository to store all the product information. This data can be enhanced and shared with other departments, partners, and customers.

Unified data sharing

Simplify data sharing and eliminate tedious search through spreadsheets and emails. Keep product data up-to-date across your network with ease.

Managing RFQ process and documents

The RFQ process within your extended enterprise is now effortless with a fully digitalized system for efficient quoting of components, assemblies, and services.

Task management and collaboration

Collaborate with employees, suppliers, and customers to effectively manage tasks and facilitate quality and cost development initiatives within your extended enterprise network.

Location-independent access

Access up-to-date product data anytime, anywhere with the versatile cloud-based platform and application suite.

Comprehensive change management

Roima Product Information helps manage extended enterprise network needs, with change management processes like ECR, ECO, ECN, and ideas for continuous improvement.

Why choose Product Information Cloud?

Product Information Cloud lets you control product data completely while ensuring uniformity and accuracy across your collaboration networks. With convenient data sharing ranging from product design to delivery, your operations work harmoniously, enabling knowledge acquisition and benefits for the whole network and end customers.

Boosted efficiency

Save time and effort by centralizing product data, streamlining RFQ processes, and managing tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Data accuracy

The Product Information Cloud ensures accurate and consistent data, even with multiple users accessing spreadsheets and data sources.

Real-time access

Empower teams with instant access to real-time data, improve your decision-making, and respond to changing circumstances faster throughout the production cycle.

Seamless collaboration

Improve your network's communication and collaboration for better productivity with ease.

Unified dashboard

View all product information, applications, tasks, and issues in a single dashboard for a clear overview of your network's status. Stay organized and ahead of your competition.


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