Alfa Laval tests LOGIA warehouse management with Mixed Reality glasses


The LOGIA team is constantly working to further develop the platform and test new technologies that can optimize the user experience and warehousing processes even more. Most recently, a Mixed Reality glasses solution for LOGIA has been tested in collaboration with Alfa Laval in Aalborg.

With a Mixed Reality solution, the warehouse is seen through transparent glasses combined with digital elements, which guide the warehouse employee through picking jobs. This is in accordance with LOGIA, which has been developed and designed with a focus on being easy and intuitive to use in the warehouse. The digital elements make it possible to, for example, scan and confirm picking directly through the glasses.

Nicklas Olsen, who is part of the development team behind LOGIA, has conducted a user survey at Alfa Laval with a focus on users’ behavior, needs and wishes for the solution. The results of the study showed, among other things, that the warehouse employee’s movement around the picking cart can be reduced with the technology, and that there is a need for flexibility and predictability.

Nicklas has subsequently developed a prototype based on the results that the warehouse employees at Alfa Laval have tested. In the solution, the user has all the necessary information with them in the glasses (such as what to pick, how many and the next pick), which gives both free hands and less internal transport in the warehouse.

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