LOGIA controls new sorting system at DKI Logistics


DKI Logistics is a third-party logistics- and warehouse hotel (3PL) headquartered in Horsens. The company wanted to streamline receiving and emptying of containers and the following handling of the goods.

To meet the customers’ needs, DKI Logistics has invested in a new and big sorting system which is managed by the warehouse management system LOGIA. The sorting system is 6.000 square meters and is equipped with three container feeds. The three feeds have a capacity of 1500 cartons in an hour and can empty three containers at the same time.

Each container entails one or more purchase orders which describe the container’s content and can also in advance have specific sales orders attached for direct delivery or sorting. When containers are registered on arrival, LOGIA prioritizes the order in which they must be emptied, based on existing sales orders.

The containers are emptied by using a conveyor belt and transported directly to the 100-meter-long sorting facility, via the rail system. From here, the goods are sorted and shipped in one operation for inbound/outbound palletizing or directly to transport-specific shipping discharge via the system’s 78 chutes.

The sorting system has six locations reserved for Value Added Service-operations (VAS) for orders, that demand extra handling. The goods are sorted to relevant VAS stations, and after finalization, the goods continue to the rail system and further into the sorting system for final sorting and shipping.

LOGIA delivers all data about completed handlings (sorting, VAS, shipment, etc.) to the ERP system. Here, the data can be utilized for statistics and as a basis for customer calculation.

DKI Logistics went live with the LOGIA solution in December of 2022. At the turn of the year, the company became a part of the German logistics giant, Rhenus Logistics.

Several of LOGIA’s customers already employ or are in the process of implementing this new functionality.

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