Besko boosts efficiency by 78% with vertical storage lifts and WMS


Besko is a wholesaler specializing in spare parts for the transportation industry and maintains a comprehensive inventory of nearly all spare parts and accessories for heavy vehicles. To enhance efficiency and optimize picking processes, the company made the strategic decision to automate its warehouse in Kolding. Investing in 6 EffiMats and 10 ClassicMats, Besko chose Roima Denmark as the supplier and implementation partner for the LOGIA warehouse management system, which seamlessly controls and integrates the vertical storage lifts.

"The combination of LOGIA and the vertical storage lifts has significantly increased picking efficiency and the quality of the work. LOGIA makes it very simple for the operator to pick easily, quickly, and efficiently, which is a significant competitive parameter," says Warehouse and Logistics Manager Torben Sagan-Toft and continues:

"With the solution from Roima, our pick cost per line has drastically decreased from around DKK 14 to approximately DKK 3. This has been extremely satisfactory and has enabled a single operator to pick 60% of our order lines, and we are reaching for 70%."

LOGIA ensures that the capacity of the vertical storage lifts is utilized to the maximum. The warehouse management system controls picking from the machines, batch picking with picking trolleys, and a conveyor system that transports the spare parts to and from the EffiMats. Besko performs more than 260,000 picking operations per year, handles approximately 20,000 SKUs in the warehouse, and has a product catalog of 135,000 items.


Vertical storage lifts in Besko's warehouse.


Besko went live with the LOGIA solution in the summer of 2022 and sees so much potential in the system that they have decided to expand their LOGIA solution to include the entire warehouse. Thus, by the end of 2023, all warehouse processes will seamlessly integrate into a single solution. Facing an ERP system transition, Besko explored other alternatives and chose LOGIA based on the system's ability to customize and adjust nearly all parameters to fit and accommodate the company's unique warehouse processes and flows.

"With LOGIA, we are given a very innovative WMS that allows us to streamline our goods receipt, picking, and shipping much faster compared to the solution we have today." Torben Sagan-Toft elaborates.

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