Supervin's warehouse management yields impressive results


Supervin is one of Denmark's most prominent online wine shops and has 25 years of experience in the industry. For the first many years, the company was purely a retail business, where good wine filled the shelves and was sold from the local store in Hjørring. Supervin saw the potential in online trading, and it quickly took off. With the significant growth, the company faced a shortage of space in the warehouse and needed more hands. Supervin decided in 2021 to establish a new large warehouse to meet the increasing demand and simultaneously focus on digitizing their warehouse processes.

Logistics Manager at Supervin Nicolai Thomsen highlights: "We have grown a lot in recent years, which has put some pressure on our warehouse and packing facility. That is why we saw an advantage in the management and control that LOGIA could give us. With LOGIA, we have optimized our picking process. We pick, order freight, apply the freight label, and put the packages on the shipping pallet for the freight route in the same handling. Thus, we typically only lift a box once, from when it arrives in the warehouse to when it is packed for order and ready for shipment. That's a big win for us!"


A need for optimized workflows  

Supervin needed workflows to be optimized and went live with the warehouse management system LOGIA in March 2022. Supervin has the advantage that they can deliver in the wine boxes - i.e., in the product's own packaging - and thus do not have to pack in additional freight packaging. By utilizing LOGIA's functionality, which combines orders into clean freight routes, integrates freight orders, and prints freight labels for attachment directly on the wine boxes in the exact handling, order management has become significantly more efficient.

After only six months, Supervin had already achieved many results, and now that they have been operating with LOGIA for almost two years, the results speak for themselves. Customer Service Manager Lars Pedersen is delighted and says: "Since implementing LOGIA and everything is inventory-controlled, we have experienced that packing errors have been reduced to a minimum. The extra efficiency we experience after moving to LOGIA has also enabled us to reduce our packing staff by 50%", to which CEO and owner of Supervin, Mads Jensen, adds: "That is correct, and overall, we have reduced labor costs in both logistics and customer service by 50%."

The results also include several benefits, such as a better working environment and reduced environmental impact. This includes less heavy lifting, less internal transport, accounting of return pallets, shipping in the product's packaging, optimized freight, hardly any incorrect deliveries, and thus minimal redeliveries.

LOGIA manages all processes from goods receipt to shipping and ensures efficient order processing.

The solution integrates with Supervin's ERP system, Visma, and the freight ordering system CoolRunner.


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