Are your business opportunities limited by long integration processes?

Would you prefer to have a solution partner with readily available solutions?

Successful business growth calls for the effective onboarding of new partners to your business ecosystem. Roima has decades of experience in designing, building, developing and maintaining integrations between systems and operators, and our Roima WIRE solution platform offers several system and operator integrations as readily available solutions​. Roima’s cloud integrations are delivered as a service (iPaaS)​.

Roima WIRE platform contains a universal logistics data model which facilitates and speeds up development​, enabling fast implementation of new ecosystem players​. What’s more, the solution is already integrated to the most commonly used ERP systems​.

Quickly Grow Your Supplier Base

Ensure fast implementation for third-party suppliers.

Integrations as a Service (iPaaS)

Achieve peace of mind by outsourcing your integration needs.

Easiest Way to Manage Your Ecosystem

Single partner with a scalable open source platform.

Clear SLA with a Single Partner

Roima WIRE makes the introduction of new suppliers and products to your portfolio straightforward: you have a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a single vendor, and the support is tailored according to your needs. With Roima WIRE, you can grow your business in an agile and hassle-free manner.

Supplier Portal for Easy Management

Roima WIRE’s supplier portal provides an easy way to input orders for your suppliers who are unable to integrate their systems, ensuring data uniformity regardless of the way the system is accessed.

Operational Efficiency and Scalability

Roima WIRE platform is based on open source technology. Through micro-service architecture, it provides tools for easy development and third-party access.

Benefit from AI & Machine Learning

Roima provides the possibility to optimize your performance through machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Outsourced Integration Effort

With Roima WIRE, you can outsource your integration architecture to us. Instead of developing the platform and struggling with SLAs, you can have it all provided as a turnkey service with guaranteed Service Level.

Let's Identify Your Needs!

With our PreStudy and ROIWalk consultancy services, we help you choose the solution that best suits the unique needs of your company and produces the best return on your investment. After Roima’s consultancy services, you will have a clear plan for developing your business – prioritized based on business benefits. Make sure that your business can keep pace with change and is ready to tackle future challenges!

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