LOGIA will manage Denmark’s first bed storage lifts at the new hospital in Gødstrup


The bed storage lifts will ensure fast and simple bed logistics management at the new super-hospital and lead to huge time savings for nursing staff who can focus on patients instead.

The WMS system LOGIA will manage four HospiMats (vertical storage lifts) for vertical storage and transport of hospital beds in the new DNV-Gødstrup hospital.

The new storage technology means that the hospital can make quick bed changes between hospitalizations, and that they can prevent beds from filling the hallways. This will save both ward space and precious time, which can now be spent on the hospital’s patients instead.

The HospiMats are located in four towers within the hospital building, so that they are accessible from several floors. Each floor will have a screen through which the staff can access LOGIA, and an opening to the HospiMat, where the staff can receive clean beds and deliver used beds. The delivery and collection of beds can be directly ordered in LOGIA. The system has full control and traceability of all the bed. Clean beds are always available, and used beds are automatically washed.

The project will be delivered to the customer in the first half of 2021, so the storage lifts will be in place by the time the new hospital goes into operation later in the year.

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