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Increase productivity with detailed scheduling

Start planning today for tomorrow’s success

Detailed scheduling is a challenging task where a lot of different production rules and constraints need to be considered while trying to optimize the usage of resources. PlanetTogether APS is the world’s leading advanced planning and scheduling tool to help manufacturers increase their productivity by solving this puzzle.

Key features of PlanetTogether APS

Optimize your manufacturing process by ensuring that tasks are executed at the correct time. Help planners to allocate resources effectively and ensure prompt product deliveries to customers.

Capacity optimization

PlanetTogether APS has an easily configurable optimization engine that can create schedules based on defined goals and planners can focus on exceptions.

Material planning

Gain visibility to material usage and control inventory levels. React to delays in materials or postpone purchases if customer orders are delayed.

Planning against forecast

Demand forecasts can be managed in PlanetTogether APS and the ease of schedule updates allows planners to react quickly to the inherent uncertainties in the forecast.

Labor planning

Create feasible schedules by considering the availability of labor. Employees with specialized skills can become a bottleneck that needs to be managed.

Scenario planning

Create and evaluate several production scenarios. Study the impact of planning decisions based on different, potentially competing, goals.

Holistic supply chain plan

Integrate PlanetTogether APS with MES and strategic planning tools to make sure that higher level plans are turned into executable plans on the shop floor.

Why choose PlanetTogether APS?

Complex, fast-paced manufacturing operations involving labor, equipment, and vast order volumes require elaborate planning. PlanetTogether APS is a valuable tool to improve supply chain productivity. Use the scenario planning feature to assess the consequences of decisions and generate optimal production schedules.

Increased efficiency

Optimized production schedules result in better resource utilization, reduced setup times, and shorter lead times.

On-time deliveries

Effective planning and scheduling help manufacturers make timely customer deliveries, ensuring loyalty and satisfaction.

Inventory optimization

Ensure optimal inventory levels throughout the supply chain while making sure that operations can be executed smoothly.

Reduced work in progress

Plan capacity and materials intelligently to operate smoothly with low work-in-progress inventory, freeing up capital and space on the factory floor.

Increase planner productivity

Automate routine planning tasks and let planners focus on value added work and let them handle the issues that really require their knowhow and cannot be captured in an application.


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