Is your product data out of date and scattered across different systems?

Consistent and up-to-date engineering and product data is a prerequisite to fast reaction time to changes.

Successful businesses keep their product data in good condition throughout the entire product lifecycle. That benefits not only your business but also your customers. Efficient product management and the reuse of existing data are key in increasing manufacturing throughput and speeding up sales processes. When products are built of standard modules, optimizing your manufacturing process becomes much easier. Roima Aton PLM helps you achieve all this.

Roima Aton PLM solution is the choice of various types of companies. At Roima, we truly understand what product management means for different businesses. As the leading supplier of Product Lifecycle Management systems, we can ensure that our modular solution grows with your needs, whether your business model is based on engineer to order, manufacture to stock, mass tailoring, project manufacturing, contract manufacturing or after-sales services and spare part sales, etc. Roima Aton PLM supports any combination of these.

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BOM Management for Engineering and Manufacturing

Form a solid basis for smooth digitalized operations throughout the entire value chain.

Comprehensive Change Management

Efficiently manage your continuously growing offering efficiently with comprehensive change management capabilities.

Modular Solution with After-Sales Capabilities

Boost your business with after-sales services, including installed base management and spare parts.

Available as SaaS and On-Premise

Enjoy fast and easy implementation of Aton SaaS, ensuring short payback to your development investment.

Management of Items and Documents

With Roima Aton, you can handle items, item structures and multiple kinds of related documents, such as engineering documentation, technical specifications, data sheets, and manufacturing and certification documents, including their version and revision management. Moreover, you can flexibly add technical, dimensional and descriptive attributes to any item upon need.

Product Structures for Different Needs

A well-designed architectural product structure supports product modularization and configuration. Integrating the engineering (EBOM) and manufacturing (MBOM) processes ensures a smooth and efficient flow of up-to-date documents, drawings and other engineering information from product design to production. Roima Aton links your CAD systems for seamless product data management and a fully digital information flow from engineering to the manufacturing phase.

Change Management and Workflows

Roima Aton PLM change management provides versatile capabilities for change management and workflow. The full set of capabilities includes, among others, the collection and management of feedback, change requests (ECR), analyzing the impacts of the changes, the management of change orders (ECO), as well as document and issue change notifications (ECN). All changes can be related to any information in the system, enabling full traceability of changes.

Integrate Suppliers to the PLM Processes

Roima Aton is specifically designed for the efficient management, utilization and sharing of product data and related processes and documentation throughout the entire product lifecycle, across your entire collaboration network. Furthermore, with the help of Roima Product Information, you can connect your suppliers and subcontractors directly to your business processes.

Versatile Project Content Management

With Roima Aton, you can bring substantial enhancements to your projects. The solution allows you to easily monitor project progress by tracking the status of the items and documents to be delivered, and project templates enable the seamless creation and management of different project types. Projects leverage the full set of Roima Aton product management capabilities.

After-Sales and Spare Parts Management

After-sales service is a substantial business opportunity that also helps to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. This calls for effective tools for handling delivery structures, spare parts and service-related documents. As an integral part of Roima Enterprise Business Platform, Roima Aton PLM provides efficient tools for managing a device’s service and maintenance information for future needs. Flexible and timely availability of original spare parts can further provide a significant competitive edge and business opportunity.

Expand with Flexible Connectivity

Roima Aton provides efficient integrations to, for example, CAD and Office software, and via an API interface to other tools and applications. Thanks to this, you can efficiently share product information with partners, suppliers and distributors with the help of Roima Product Information and Roima CodeMaster. The data can also be transferred to other systems, such as an ERP system for manufacturing.

Achieve an End-to-End Digital Process

Roima Aton PLM provides you with an end-to-end digital process from engineering to the factory floor, suppliers, contractors, sales and marketing. You are empowered by high-quality, up-to-date product information, and you can react to all changes throughout the production value chain without delay. Moreover, you can build trust with your customers by offering them detailed information on the origins of your products and raw materials.

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Roima Aton PLM is an extremely versatile system for efficient engineering and high-quality product data management. Thanks to its flexible expandability, the system also supports product data needs of subcontractors, distributors and after-sales partners alike.

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Roima Aton PLM in Action at Rosendahl Nextrom

Rosendahl Nextrom trusts in Roima’s solutions in product management.
Rosendahl Nextrom
We’ve managed our product information with Roima’s solution for almost 15 years. Items, product structures, delivery book, projects, and the related customers and documents are all available in the system. The integration to Inventor CAD system increases the efficiency of our engineers and the quality of work.
Mika Vihavainen
Director ICT & Operational Development and Quality
Rosendahl Nextrom

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