Are you in control of your product information?

Did you know that product information has a substantial effect on effectiveness and profitability?

Appropriate, high-quality management of product information forms the basis for all the digital services of a company. ROIWalk Product Management will help you find the right solutions to put your product management into top condition.

ROIWalk Product Management is an efficient way to analyze the current state of your product management. We will together go through your company’s operating model and the related activities involving generation and use of product information, also bearing in mind questions related to the management and leadership of product management functions.

In ROIWalk Product Management, the core focus areas are the content and quality of product data that form the foundation for digital transformation. The service provides a clear overview of the role of product information for your business success. As a result, you will get a report with key observations and concrete proposals for action, which will help you identify and prioritize the first and most important steps for development. Find out how you can tap into the power of your product data!

Standardize Engineering and R&D Processes

Collect and Consolidate Fragmented Data

Support Sourcing and Manufacturing for Improved Performance

Automate Manual Procedures

Product Management

  • Do product structures support flexible planning and manufacturing in your company?
  • Do your product management processes follow agreed rules and practices?
  • Do you have some basic principles for product structures to facilitate the management of product configurations?

Support for Manufacturing

  • Does your product information support a flexible manufacturing process?
  • Is it difficult to transfer product data to the production system?
  • Are wrong manufacturing documents incurring unnecessary quality costs in production?

Change Management

  • Is the version control of items and documents efficient enough for tracking purposes?
  • Are the applicability and correct version recognized for items in production?
  • Is the communication about changes reliable?
  • Are all changes to products documented properly?
  • Are you able to efficiently manage the tasks related to product changes?

Product Structures and Product Documentation Management

  • How is the quality of your product information and product data?
  • Do you use an item-based approach to manage your engineering data?
  • Can you easily compile the product structures from a single source?
  • How complete structures can you get?
  • Are the existing items and product structures used efficiently?
  • Is product documentation available and comprehensible to everyone?

After Sales

  • Is the installed base related to customer-specific deliveries under control?
  • Is your company able to subcontract work flexibly according to need?
  • Do you have challenges managing the manufacturing documentation needed by subcontractors?
  • Is your spare part sales department able to take advantage of the data of product items delivered to customer?
  • Are you able to produce delivery-specific spare parts books for your customers?

Management of Commercial Product Information

  • Is the management of your commercial product information scattered across multiple systems?
  • Can you automatically share product information to different channels, such as to your company’s website, online store, and sales network?
  • Are you able to easily compile the information related to your product offering according to your customer’s needs?
  • Is the enrichment of technical product data with commercial information done in a controlled manner?

Supplier Networks

  • Is your company able to subcontract work flexibly according to need?
  • Do you have challenges managing the manufacturing documentation needed by subcontractors?
  • Are you able to provide your suppliers with access to accurate and up-to-date manufacturing information?
  • Are you still relying on email to share documentation?

Product management challenges are most often related to poorly coordinated engineering information and the use of such low-quality information in different business processes. Effective and high-quality product information management requires both the right tools and the right way to manage information in business processes. ROIWalk Product Management is an easy and fast way to identify targets for development. ROIWalk results include suggestions for short- and long-term actions.

ROIWalk Product Management – Bring Up-to-Date Product Information to the Core of Your Business

Map the Current Situation

The best way to start developing operations is by carefully assessing the current state. ROIWalk’s current state analysis will provide you with a clear picture of where you are now and helps you identify the most important areas of development.

Tap into the Expertise of Seasoned Professionals

The analysis is always carried out by one of our seasoned industry experts, supported by Roima’s extensive network of professionals. Together we can see across isolate operations and organizational boundaries and gain a more comprehensive view of your development needs.

Create an Effective Development Plan

ROIWalk analyzes your company’s operating environment, goals, challenges and targets for development. We help you create a clear development plan for continuous improvement and find the right solutions to rapidly enhance the competitiveness of your business by developing the selected areas as part of your other processes.

Ensure that Your Information Systems Support Processes

The focus of ROIWalk is on the ways of working, processes, and their development, but our industry expert can also help in questions related to IT and architecture to ensure that the information systems support your processes and ways of working in the most optimal way.

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