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FidaWare WMS

Best WMS to manage the complexity of third party logistics warehouse

3PL WMS: Many clients, many needs

FidaWare WMS is designed to manage the warehouse of 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies that have different clients with different goods and different needs for warehouse management. This WMS software makes it easy and straightforward to manage the complexity of 3PL warehouse.

With FidaWare, your entire warehouse is unified in one warehouse management system, with all data organized and connected to each client. Configurable parameters can be set up for each client, making it easy to configure warehouse processes to their specific material handling requirements.

The software enables great flexibility, which is an advantage for 3PL companies with changing clients and different inventory management needs.

Fast implementation of new clients

You can quickly and easily implement new clients in your 3PL warehouse. Each client often has different ERP solutions and integrations for webshops, transportation management, labels and more. With FidaWare's dedicated integration platform Wire, all integrations can be gathered on one cloud-based platform that exchanges real-time data with FidaWare WMS.

Wire features standard integrations, simple data mapping tools and supports various communication formats. This means your 3PL warehouse is up and running with the solution quickly and you can easily add new integrations with high quality. The result is great scalability and makes it easy to implement new clients in your warehouse.

3PL client portal

Your 3PL company's clients get access to a client portal where each can view and enter their own data securely and easily. This gives your clients a real-time overview of their inventory and orders and how they are handled in the warehouse. Each client has a unique user ID, ensuring that other clients' data is protected, and only relevant information is presented. As a 3PL company, only you can access data across your clients.

Billing automation

In FidaWare WMS, all billing transactions are automatically registered when a service is performed in your warehouse.

Managing client invoicing is an important part of business for 3PL companies. A 3PL warehouse typically invoices clients for every service performed in the warehouse. This includes everything from daily warehouse rent to item handling and value-added services, such as unique labels and local languages. Without such support from WMS, this can be a time-consuming, error-prone process.

Billing automation provides a simple and efficient invoicing process that minimizes time spent and the risk of errors.

Quick training and easy to use

FidaWare WMS provides simple instructions to guide employees through warehouse processes. The warehouse management system is easy to use and requires minimal training, meaning temporary and new employees are up to speed quickly. This ensures efficient operations, even during busy periods with changing staff.

It is also possible to set up quality control in the WMS system, which for example can be done with handheld terminals and barcode scanning. Employees can scan the item or location to ensure that they are in the correct picking location. This results in fewer errors in the warehouse.

Multi-site WMS

Many warehouses, one WMS solution. You can easily manage and optimize the entire warehouse operation across your warehouses.

Production logistics WMS

Material flow and warehouse management in production. You can easily manage material flow to and from production and track work-in-progress.

FidaWare WMS Platform

Flexible solution for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations.

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