Multi-site warehouse management

FidaWare WMS

Unified solution with full control over all your company's warehouses

Multi location inventory management: Many warehouses, one WMS solution

FidaWare's multi-site inventory management solution is designed for companies with multiple warehouses, nationally and internationally. You get one WMS software with full control over all your company's warehouses, allowing you to easily manage and optimize your entire warehouse operation across all warehouses and, at the same time, localize all data.

All information, including stock levels and order status, is easily accessible and can be monitored in real time across your warehouses. You get complete control and visibility of all warehouse processes while having the flexibility to fulfill orders most efficiently in each warehouse.

Reports can be generated across all warehouse sites, making it easy to optimize resources and make strategic decisions. Warehouse operators can only access relevant information from their own warehouse, simplifying their workflows.

Optimal flexibility for warehouse processes

FidaWare WMS enables great flexibility so your business can achieve the most efficient warehouse processes. The solution features a powerful optimization tool that allows you to set up different rules for handling and prioritizing items through the warehouse. For a multi-location warehouse, it's possible to apply the same rules for goods handling to all warehouses and to configure the warehouse processes differently at each warehouse. This means your business has optimal flexibility and can customize the processes to your warehouse situation and specific needs.

Efficient order management across warehouses

Having one WMS software with full control over inventory, order status, and goods management across your company's multiple warehouses has many benefits.

If goods need to be relocated between warehouses, FidaWare automatically generates a stock transfer. This could be for seasonal goods or if the inventory in a warehouse reaches a specified minimum. The system manages picking and shipping from one warehouse and transfers the data to the goods receipt in the other warehouse.

In addition, it is also possible to split orders across multiple warehouses in cases where the entire order is not available in a single warehouse. FidaWare prioritizes the most optimal solution and makes warehouse operations easy for warehouse employees. This ensures the most efficient processing of orders.

Fast implementation of multiple warehouses

With FidaWare's multi-site inventory management, the need to implement the software separately in each warehouse is eliminated. The central warehouse is set up in the system and then you can easily and quickly add more warehouse sites to the solution. When adding a new warehouse, the existing warehouse setup can be copied, including processes and integrations. Then it's easy to customize the warehouse layout for each warehouse with FidaWare's layout tool. This means you get a highly scalable software with the ability to grow with your business needs.


Many customers, many needs. You have full control and can efficiently execute services and manage invoicing across your customers.

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