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Specialized solution for material flow control and work-in-progress

Material flow and warehousing in manufacturing

FidaWare's solution for production logistics is built on years of experience and extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry's challenges and needs. Whether your company engages in mass production or complex project production, we know how essential the supply of materials for production is to maximize production capacity utilization.

The WMS for production logistics manages the flow of materials to production and the movements of semi-finished and finished goods to storage or shipment. FidaWare also supports work-in-progress by tracking all goods exact locations and statuses within the production process. The WMS system manages all warehouse operations, controls inventory levels, and prioritizes tasks.

MES integration and ERP integration

FidaWare WMS receives information about material needs and delivery schedules from the company’s order and planning systems, such as:

  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The warehouse management system integrates seamlessly with most ERP and MES systems, with all communication occurring in real-time. If your company only uses an ERP system, FidaWare can handle some MES tasks.

Material flow control and work-in-progress (WIP)

FidaWare WMS ensures that your company achieves optimal production logistics and tracks the material flow in stock and manufacturing logistics. Based on an ERP or MES schedule, raw materials, and semi-finished goods are picked and delivered to the production area on time in a prioritized sequence.

With real-time visibility, FidaWare WMS provides comprehensive insights into all goods' exact location and status during work-in-progress. After production, the goods are transferred to intermediate storage, finished goods storage, or shipping – everything is on time. FidaWare ensures that materials and goods do not occupy unnecessary space before or after use, keeping production running smoothly and ensuring the most efficient flow.

The warehouse management system also controls material flow for assembly lines. FidaWare manages the picking of configurable products and delivers them to the assembly location. After assembly, FidaWare WMS shelves the new products with a new ID code for warehousing or shipping.

Control of automated material handling and transfer equipment

The warehouse management system can also control and coordinate automated material handling equipment, such as picking, packaging, and palletizing machines. FidaWare WMS receives real-time information about train or truck arrivals and coordinates picking machine operation accordingly. The system determines the optimal timing and place for picking, where to store the timber, and when to stop operations once the truck or train is empty.

In addition, FidaWare WMS integrates with various automated transfer equipment, such as conveyors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to connect the entire production logistics. This integration improves the efficiency and accuracy of material movement and reduces handling and labor costs. The warehouse management system adjusts to changes in production schedules or unexpected delays, ensuring flexible material handling.

One-of-a-kind project production

The material flow control in project production is complex. For example, suppose a steel plate needs to be cut into several pieces. In that case, FidaWare manages everything from the picking of raw materials to the transfer between production areas or intermediate storage.

Project production typically also involves many purchased components, including special items purchased only for a specific project and standard items. FidaWare maintains full control over your inventory and complete management of all warehouse operations and manufacturing logistics.

Quality control, traceability, and compliance

With FidaWare WMS, your company can easily set up and perform quality controls at the material, supplier, and project levels. For example, during goods receipt, the operator can be prompted to perform and document a specified control (e.g., take a photo, measure an item, or color) before the operation can proceed.

All data is automatically stored in FidaWare, which is crucial for traceability, recalls, and documentation in compliance with customer demands, regulatory requirements, and other standards.

Multi-site WMS

Many warehouses, one WMS solution. You can easily manage and optimize the entire warehouse operation across your warehouses.


Many customers, many needs. You have full control and can efficiently execute services and manage invoicing across your customers.

FidaWare WMS Platform

Flexible solution for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations.

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