FidaWare WMS

Warehouse management solution

Flexible solution for efficient intralogistics and warehouse operations

Warehouse management matching your specific requirements

With FidaWare WMS, your company gets more than just a warehouse management system. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in warehouse management and optimization. With our expertise and flexible WMS software, we can fulfill the most complex warehouse management needs.

FidaWare WMS can manage the entire intralogistics from goods receipt to dispatch and has full integration with warehouse automation. Everything is unified in one WMS software. The WMS system features a wide range of configurable parameters that can be adjusted to your warehouse operations and specific needs. This provides great flexibility and ensures that your company can grow within the solution.

The solution has special strengths in multi-site warehouse management, 3PL warehouse management and, production logistics.

Powerful tools for warehouse optimization

FidaWare WMS provides powerful and easy-to-use tools for warehouse optimization. It is easy to set up warehouse strategies, rules, and priorities for how goods should be handled during putaway, picking and replenishment.

The assigned warehouse strategies ensure that FidaWare selects the most optimal warehouse locations during putaway and picking, and that replenishment is initiated on time. This provides the best conditions for achieving the most efficient warehouse processes and a streamlined flow.

The solution includes several standard rules, and it is possible to add new rules for specific products, product groups and companies.

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Data-driven warehouse optimization: Reports and visual dashboard

In FidaWare WMS, it is possible to generate reports that provide insight into item master data, inventory, transactions, stock movements and more. You can customize and compose the reports based on your warehouse needs. This allows you to optimize warehouse resources based on data-driven decision-making.

The solution also includes a dashboard that provides a visual overview and graphical presentation of important key figures (KPI). You can monitor data in real-time, react proactively and achieve continuous improvement.

FidaWare WMS integration with ERP and multiple systems

FidaWare WMS has a powerful integration platform that exchanges real-time data between FidaWare warehouse management system and a wide range of other systems, including:

  • ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Business Central and more)
  • Delivery management systems (nShift and more)
  • Printing systems (BarTender, NiceLabels and more)
  • Webshops (Shopify, WooCommerce and more)
  • Automated warehouse equipment (AutoStore, vertical lifts, conveyors and more)
  • The platform includes standard integrations, simple tools for data mapping and supports various communication formats. This means your warehouse is up and running quickly. You get great flexibility and accurate data, providing the best conditions for efficient warehouse management.

    Multi-site WMS

    Many warehouses, one WMS solution. You can easily manage and optimize the entire warehouse operation across your warehouses.

    3PL WMS

    Many customers, many needs. You have full control and can efficiently execute services and manage invoicing across your customers.

    Production logistics WMS

    Material flow and warehouse management in production. You can easily manage material flow to and from production and track work-in-progress.


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