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According to the World Manufacturing Forum 2018 report, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) can cost manufacturers a staggering 5% to 40% of sales. Smart manufacturing strategy combined with effective planning and execution tools hold the keys to reducing manufacturing costs and increasing productivity. AVEVA MES is a modular solution that meets the customer needs by flexibly combining the necessary modules into a customer-specific Manufacturing Execution System.

AVEVA MES is a natively multi-site capable, template-based system for cost-effective global manufacturing execution. Furthermore, AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System is fully integrated to the other AVEVA products. Together they create a strong platform that integrates all manufacturing activities together strongly and in a controlled way.

Increased Revenue

Increase throughput, reduce cycle time and speed up new product introduction (NPI).

Reduced Costs

Optimize labor, efficiency and minimize materials and energy consumption.

Lower Risks

Manage risks related to legacy systems, interfaces and non-compliance and avoid customer recalls.

Increase Transparency

Boost information visibility, drive faster decision making, and enhance employee and customer satisfaction.

Model-Driven MES

Model-Driven MES is an ecosystem of AVEVA and AVEVA’s partners. The central idea of the Model-Driven MES approach is to reduce work effort. If something is built once, the basis of the solution can be shared to extend the feature library in AVEVA Model-Driven MES. It provides graphical design of business processes based on ready made industry best practice templates.

Fully Configurable

The system enables the graphical modeling of business processes, making it easier to understand how things are running in the system. You can easily make changes yourself without involving IT.

Integrating Engineering and Manufacturing Processes

Utilize proven technologies and benefit from a standard interface to MES level. Integrate engineering and manufacturing processes by capitalizing on standardized business interfaces and harmonized automation interfaces.

Full Operational Transparency

Follow real-time production operations and react to changes on time. With visibility to actual runtimes of machines and operations, you can identify weaknesses that need improvement and make the necessary changes.

Maximize Production Throughput and Quality

Moving from scattered papers and folders to an auditable and sustainable production environment enables maximizing throughput and quality. Quality actions are furthermore recorded during the actual process flow, as part of the product structure.

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