Warehouse Automation


LOGIA manages all automatic storage equipment – no matter what it is

LOGIA manages all automatic storage equipment. This allows you to choose the automation that best suits your warehouse situation. LOGIA ensures that the capacity is used to the maximum and that automatic equipment is integrated with the rest of the warehouse.

Everything is controlled with one solution

LOGIA manages all automatic warehouse equipment, including vertical storage lifts, pallet cranes, mini loads, autostores, robots, AGVs, rail systems, layer pickers, carousels, and intermediate goods warehouses. These automated systems primarily operate on the "goods-to-man" principle.

With LOGIA, you have the flexibility to expand with new equipment of other variants. This is made possible through a unified solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system, offering a single interface.

LOGIA ensures optimal utilization of the automatic equipment, maximizing both speed/efficiency and filling levels/warehouse space. Furthermore, it facilitates the integration of all warehouse automation, encompassing both new and existing systems, to ensure a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

"We invested in LOGIA and storage machines. It is easy and super-efficient"

Customer story

- Henrik Thomsen, Production Development Engineer, Færch Plast

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Management of vertical storage lifts

LOGIA has a unique control package for vertical storage lifts. It can control all common manufacturers and models - and these can be combined and controlled in the same LOGIA solution. To get the most out of your vertical storage lifts, they must become an integrated part of the warehouse. LOGIA ensures this through standard interfaces to ERP systems and other systems.

Several of our customers started out using LOGIA exclusively to manage one or more vertical storage lifts. Since then, they have expanded their LOGIA solution with more control packages e.g. manual warehouse management and picking for production. You can always expand your LOGIA solution over time and as needed.

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