Container emptying

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Container emptying is managed efficiently with LOGIA WMS

At LOGIA, the portfolio of functionalities is expanding – now, the functionality is developed to support emptying containers and palletizing parcels.

The warehouse management system holds many functions, and now emptying containers is also to be found on the lengthy list of automatic solutions. Thereby, LOGIA can now simplify the entire process from receiving and emptying of containers to palletizing of parcels as well as the following handling of the cargo. The warehouse management solution assists the operator and guides the person through the entire process through the screens’ visual and uncomplicated design.

Based on information about the goods expected to arrive, improving the planning and approach of emptying containers through this new functionality is possible. When using Advance Shipping Notice, the warehouse holds the best opportunity to know the content within the containers before receiving hereof. Thereby, the warehouse can utilize the information to prioritize which container must be first emptied in relation to the already existing orders.

An operator places the boxes on a rail system from where the individual boxes are measured and scanned. If the boxes are not provided with a barcode, they will be marked out first in the process. After scanning and identification of the boxes’ content, these are divided to relevant chutes via the rail system or sorting system. From the chute, the operator can easily place the boxes on the pallet. When the pallet is full, it will be transported to the storage area or directly to the shipping area, if there are orders attached to the product.

Several of LOGIA’s customers, e.g. Hummel, DKI Logistics and others, already employ or are in the process of implementing this new functionality to increase the efficiency of emptying of containers.

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