3D visualization

LOGIA WMS feature highlight

3D-visualization creates an even better user experience

LOGIA’s development team is initiating several existing projects which will improve the user experience of the visual platform even more.

The platform is expanding with 3D-visualization of storage rack and belonging functions, which will make it easy for warehouse managers to create warehouse locations and adjust the layout continuously. The storage racks can both be presented two-dimensionally from the front and rotate, so they are presented three-dimensionally from the side. This means that the locations in depth will be accessible and can be changed easily.

Visual layout of the entire warehouse

Besides a new visualization of storage racks and warehouse locations, it will also be possible to create a visual layout of the entire warehouse seen from above. In the long term, the overview illustration will be expanded with a heatmap of where the traffic mostly occurs in the warehouse. This can provide the basis for optimizing the layout of the warehouse, so a better flow will be achieved.

The new functionalities provide an overview, create improvement opportunities, and make it straightforward to change the stockpiling. We see many opportunities and look forward to being able to present the first version.

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