Inventory and stocktaking

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Get control of your inventory

Learn how you can ensure that inventory levels are in control. Recorded inventory must be consistent with physical inventory, and deviations are typically a result of insufficient process quality.

LOGIA can ensure a high process quality that creates inventory control.

Time-consuming status counts

To ensure inventory levels are under control, many companies perform continuous inventory counts of the entire warehouse. However, time-consuming inventory counts can be replaced with simple counting functions.

Simple and accurate inventory counting

LOGIA has three simple inventory counting functions to confirm that inventory is in control:

  • Zero-point counting
  • Cyclical counting
  • Ad hoc counting
  • The counts are integrated into the work processes in the warehouse, where the platform ensures continuous and documented inventory counting. LOGIA has full integration with the ERP system, and data is automatically exchanged across the systems. This ensures that inventories are correct in both systems.

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