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European House of Beds uses LOGIA both in the warehouse and in production

The LOGIA WMS solution has optimized warehouse and production operations at European House of Beds.


Globus Wine reaps the benefits of good warehouse management

LOGIA controls the entire warehouse and ensures a good flow of goods to and from the production. 2 semiautomatic forklift trucks are an integral part of the processes.


Alfa Laval tests LOGIA WMS with Mixed Reality glasses

The LOGIA team continually enhances the WMS, testing new technologies. Recently, Mixed Reality glasses for LOGIA were tested in collaboration with Alfa Laval in Aalborg.


F&H combines Pick-by-Voice with visual tablet

F&H optimizes warehouse picking processes with LOGIA's hybrid warehouse solution, which combines Pick-by-Voice with a visual tablet.


Sygehus Sønderjylland's central warehouse is managed by LOGIA WMS

LOGIA ensures an efficient flow at Sygehus Sønderjylland. The WMS meets high hygiene and quality standards, and the depot service frees up more time for patients.


HiFi Klubben's warehouse is managed by LOGIA warehouse management

The WMS solution LOGIA has streamlined the warehouse processes at HiFi Klubben. The warehouse has gone from handling 1,500 packages a day to 4,500.


Supervin has increased picking efficiency with LOGIA WMS

LOGIA has optimized the picking efficiency at Supervin. Items are picked, labels are printed and freight orders are all controlled in a single click and scan.


Novin's wholesale warehouse is managed by LOGIA WMS

LOGIA WMS has improved both workflows and inventory control at Novin. This includes more efficient handling of inventory and better control over expiration dates.

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