Managing automated vertical storage lifts

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Easy and efficient

LOGIA ensures the best use of the vertical storage lift’s capacity and speed. The platform can manage all variants of vertical storage lifts and ensures coordination among the machines.

The vertical storage lift machine is the most-used storage device for small goods. It fits in many places and is also a good addition to smaller, manual warehouses. It is a compact form of storage that supports an ergonomic working posture. When combined with LOGIA’s batch picking function, you can achieve high picking frequency.

LOGIA keeps track of inventory and, as orders are started, the goods are automatically retrieved and moved to the front of the machine. LOGIA is accessed via touchscreens located at all vertical storage lifts, and the operator is guided through what goods to pick, which location to pick from, the number of goods to pick, and which order the picking belongs to.

Integrated into the flow in the warehouse

LOGIA can manage goods to be handled by vertical storage lifts from the receipt of the goods through picking and packaging and until they are ready for shipment. This provides optimal conditions for optimizing the processes in and around the machines. This may include preparing consignments for storage and picking for several orders at once when the goods are at the front of the machine.

LOGIA is suitable for all warehouses, regardless of size and level of ambition.

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