Line Haul

LOGIA WMS feature highlight

Line Haul reduces shipping costs

Companies with many shipments of parcel across long distances can often achieve savings through LOGIA’s Line Haul-functionality.

Through the Line Haul-functionality, the warehouse can overall pick all parcel shipments to the same distributor. LOGIA orders shipping labels through integration to the transport provider, for example via Consignor, Webshipper or Coolrunner. Shipping labels are attached to each parcel, which is packed on pallets to the distribution center and collected from the warehouse by a carrier.

The carrier transports the pallets to a distribution center, where parcels are divided by the attached shipping labels and transported to the end customers. By shipping consolidated on pallets instead of various smaller shipments, the warehouse optimizes freight costs.

In circumstances where the distributor has several deliveries to the same end customer, the distributor’s costs and environmental impact will be reduced.

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