Optimal job assignment

LOGIA WMS feature highlight


Job assignment based on the operator’s placement in the warehouse

The LOGIA platform is expanding with several priority opportunities to ensure that warehouse employees with trucks for full pallets are always assigned the most appropriate job.

In the new functionality, LOGIA utilizes existing data about where the operator finished the latest job, to prioritize the assignment of the next job.

Operators near the buffer warehouse can be assigned replenishment jobs, and operators near the goods receiving area can be assigned orders for picking and storing. The functionality can also be used in narrow aisle warehouses, where narrow aisle trucks are assigned to the next nearby job. LOGIA illustrates what is best to prioritize first, and the internal driving with empty forks is minimized.

The job assignment functionality takes several factors into account, which means that other jobs with higher priority, e.g., due to cut-off-time, will be assigned first.


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