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ecommerce warehouse management

An ecommerce warehouse is characterized by many small orders, which must be delivered directly to the customer with the shortest possible delivery time. This gives the warehouse some ultra-short time slots, which makes demands on logistics and shipping. We, therefore, recommend that you use an ecommerce warehouse management system that can handle this complexity and ensure an efficient, error-free, and accurate shipment from the warehouse.

The warehouse management system LOGIA has functionality for managing ecommerce warehouses. The management is best suited for webshops with more than four employees in the warehouse. LOGIA can control all warehouse logistics from goods receipt to shipment from the warehouse.

Among others, LOGIA manages ecommerce warehouses at Flying Tiger CopenhagenFusion, and HiFi Klubben.

ecommerce logistics

In LOGIA, the received orders are automatically combined into picking rounds, where e.g. 12 orders can be picked at a time on one picking cart, which is divided into order boxes. This ensures efficient ecommerce logistics and quick handling of many small orders.

The warehouse employee is guided by LOGIA’s visual user interface, which illustrates where the items are to be picked, the quantity, and in which order boxes on the picking carts the items should be distributed. Scanners can be further integrated into the solution, for example, so that the warehouse employee must scan the picked items before packing them in shipment packaging.

LOGIA’s Single Line functionality also ensures that one-item orders can be handled simply, quickly, and efficiently.

Single Line functionality: super optimized webshop order fulfillment

LOGIA offers an innovative feature tailored for ecommerce warehouses and others handling numerous single-item orders. This functionality streamlines the processing of such orders. With the Single Line function, LOGIA autonomously consolidates orders with a single item number, enabling the efficient picking of the entire quantity at once. The items then move to the packing area, where individual scanning triggers automatic printing of shipping labels. This facilitates very efficient and direct packing of items into the shipment packaging.

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ecommerce shipping

LOGIA automatically prioritizes the order in which orders should be picked and packed. For example, orders can be prioritized according to the time of ordering and the shipping method that the customer has chosen.

For example, all orders ordered before a certain time may be picked, packed, and shipped on the same day. Orders ordered after this time will be transferred to the next shipment.

ecommerce integration

LOGIA can integrate with ERP and webshop systems such as Shopify. Information about items, item availability, and order status is sent between systems so that they are constantly up to date.

Transport systems such as nShift, Webshipper, and Coolrunner can also be integrated into the solution so that carrier ordering can be carried out directly in LOGIA as part of the order handling. A message can be sent automatically to the customer when the webshop shipment is packed and ready to be shipped.

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