Value Added Services (VAS)

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VAS creates value for warehouse customers

LOGIA is expanding with several beneficial functionalities for warehouses and their customers. Value Added Service builds new opportunities to meet special demands from warehouse customers.

Value Added Service is the newest functionality in LOGIA. This makes it easy for warehouses to handle extra services for specific customers or orders. This could be to tag products, print specific labels, or enclose extra items in shipping boxes.

Value Added Service can also be performed at pallet level through special demands on delivery notes, wrapping in black stretch film, maximum pallet height and others. The handling is typically performed at VAS-stations in the warehouse before the inventory is shipped to the customer.

LOGIA has been expanded with user-friendly screens for the warehouse managers from where VAS-operations can easily be planned. The system has also been expanded with user-friendly screens for warehouse operators that explain how to handle the current VAS-operation. When the operation is finalized, the operators sign on the screen. This can afterwards be utilized for settlement of accounts with the customer for example.

Further, it is also possible to add variant codes in LOGIA, which is an advantage when goods come in different colors or sizes. Variant coding makes it easy to meet a customer’s wish to for example receive one shipment with all goods in the same color, independent of size. This would ease the work for the customer when goods are to be placed on the shelves in the stores for example.

Among other things, the new VAS functionality will be utilized in Hummel’s new warehouse and distribution center.

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