Feature highlights


Job scheduler

LOGIA’s job scheduler simplifies the warehouse, streamlines processes, and meets the challenge of finding labor.

Single Line

Efficient handling of many one-item orders, making order processing faster and simpler.

Line Haul

Companies with many shipments of parcel across long distances can achieve savings through Line Haul.

Value Added Services (VAS)

Value Added Services makes it easy for warehouses to handle extra services for specific customers or orders.

3D visualization

3D-visualization creates an even better user experience.

Container emptying

Emptying of containers is managed efficiently. LOGIA can simplify the entire process.

Optimal job assignment

LOGIA is expanding with several priority opportunities. Job assignment based on the operator’s placement in the warehouse.

Packaging and shipping savings

Shipping in own packaging, optimized rank area and less shipping, and integration with CoolRunner shipping.

Direct loading

Avoid space problems in the warehouse’s transit area by loading large orders directly into the carrier’s truck.

Hybrid Pick-by-Voice

The new solution combines LOGIA’s visual user interface with the well-known Pick-by-Voice technology.

Goods receipt

Complete overview of all product data, efficient multi-reception, and focused attention on key elements of the process.

Optimal outbound logistics

Automatic order prioritization ensures efficient handling of warehouse shipments.

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