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Planning and managing orders and workflows are part of the daily tasks in the warehouse and a prerequisite for achieving the most efficient warehouse.

It is important that things are carried out in the right order and that a good workflow is created. This can be a complicated and time-consuming task, and we recommend using a warehouse management system that can manage and optimize the entire warehouse’s internal logistics – both inbound and outbound.

Warehouse internal logistics

The LOGIA warehouse management system controls all the warehouse’s internal logistics from the receipt of goods to shipment – and both manual and automatic warehouse areas can be controlled in the same solution. LOGIA binds all the warehouse processes together and ensures that they are executed in the most optimal order and handled correctly.

Inbound logistics

The warehouse’s inbound logistics are managed by LOGIA, which guides employees through the most optimal handling of the receipt of goods, storing, and item replenishment.

Registration of master data on new items and quality control is an integral part of the processes in the receipt of the goods. The warehouse employee is automatically asked to register whether they have received the correct items, whether the quantity is correct, and whether the quality meets the requirements.

It is then important for the warehouse’s logistics that the items are stored at optimal locations. For example, items with a high picking frequency should be placed in an easily accessible location to minimize internal transportation time in the warehouse.

LOGIA’s cross-docking functionality also ensures that incoming goods that are to be shipped immediately are guided directly to the shipment. The LOGIA warehouse management system can thus manage and streamline the entire warehouse’s incoming logistics.

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Outbound logistics

The outbound logistics from order picking to warehouse shipments is also controlled by LOGIA.

Automatic order prioritization ensures that orders are picked in the correct order, e.g. after the time of shipment. LOGIA automatically initiates picking rounds and guides the warehouse employee through the most optimal picking route.

Goods can be picked directly on pallets or into shipment packaging on the picking cart. The size of each order is calculated based on the item’s master data, and LOGIA specifies the packaging size.

LOGIA calculates carrier projections of the expected size of the shipment. These are automatically sent to the carrier and the volume of the orders is also used to ensure that the shipping area’s space is optimally utilized. Finished orders are ranked next to the port where they are to be picked up, and then loaded based on the carrier’s unloading points.

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